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Releasing your energetic strings of attachment & entangled karma so you can Be Forever Free, Get a new Start in Life and abundantly Thrive. Discover: What Binding contracts really are and how to identify them in your field so they stop hanging around. The Top 2 Secrets to keep contracts from recreating so you can be truly FREE forever.

Discover binding contracts and entangled karma with 'Burning Binding Contracts.' Release and prevent energetic attachments and karmic ties


Release your ancestral baggage- So that you are not attracting your mother or father as a partner in relationships. Be Free & Powerfully claim YOUR space in the World – So you can give your offerings and create a life you LOVE. Stop attracting the wrong people that trigger your emotional eating… energetic vampires, victims and time wasters instead become a magnet for lighthearted, happy people. Discover how to interpret emotions and thoughts as yours or someone else’s so you can reclaim your energetic space for creating a life you love

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The Secrets to Letting Go of Past Flames, Overcoming Heartbreak and Attracting Your Beloved SoulMate. In this program, you’ll discover how to… Release the Sexual Signatures that your Past Lovers have left behind so you can be Set Energetically Free! Learn the Process that Releases the 4 Primary Emotions that bind you to the Past and that you Must Clear for you.

Unlock the secrets of love with 'SoulMate Alchemy.' Release past lovers' energies, heal heartbreak, and call in your true SoulMate.


Create Soul Communion, Divine Love, Passion & Prosperity. There are many valid reasons for not being open and vulnerable. The old relationship history books of your mind may not allow you to write a new history as they are informing you with how to be, act and project. But we know that there are ways to rewrite the history of your relatedness with others… you do realize that, don’t you? Within your power lies the potential for creating a whole new dynamic of interaction with others. Within your power lies the potential of experiencing a whole new dynamic of interact ion with your Self.

Unlock the art of creating infinite intimacy with this transformative program. Learn to trust and open your heart, release fear and rejection, and connect with your Higher Self. Experience soul communion, divine love, passion, and prosperity. The program includes 3 empowerment coaching sessions, 3 intuitive reading/scanning sessions, 3 soul activation audios, 3 intimacy PDFs, and 24/7 access to a private membership site. Rewrite the history of your relationships and connect on a deeper level.


This program was created to assist you in shifting your perceptions of yourself to match the True Essence inside. By using Therapeutic Imagery, you will be able to make rapid shifts in the Subconscious Mind. That deep transformation will lead you to lasting results on the outside. nce you enter the secret garden, You choose how to shape your thoughts of reality. As Clarity abounds from within, you’ll discover the truth about you, that You are pure Beauty. Self-Love is the energy needed to attract all that you are desiring for yourself, whether that is a great body, a nourishing relationship or more prosperity. Beautification From the Inside Out was created to assist you in shifting your perceptions of yourself to match the true essence inside.

Achieve Beautification from the Inside Out with Self-Love and Therapeutic Imagery to align your self-perception with your inner essence.

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Includes E-Guidebook, 2 Audio Downloads & E-Power Pack. Are you ready to create a powerful and healthy life? A lifestyle that allows for greater Clarity, Happiness, and Spontaneous Joy? Healthy living is a living as your Higher Self (Soul Self), that is … being an expression of the power that lies within you.

Taking Back Your Power E-Guide: Transform Your Life and Unleash Your Inner Potential


Inside this downloadable E-Book, you’ll learn… How to Be the Love and Inspiration he wants to come home to. The 5 biggest mistakes most women make that drain the energy right out of a relationship. How to stop feeling out of control and needy and start creating the love you desire. How to live in radiant confidence rather than emotional.

Be Love to Find Love - Attract Your True Love

Multi-sensory Clairvoyant Intuitive & Medium

Known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars” for my work with Celebrities, Emmy Award winners, World Champions and people just like you!

My specialty is creating very practical energy exercises to instantly shift your vibration, seminars that will rock your world…leaving you knowing your capacity and power to take charge of your life.

Christel Hughes