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Burning Binding Contracts

Relationship Strategy

Releasing your energetic strings of attachment & entangled karma so you can be forever free and get a new start in life. It’s time to start burning binding contracts and thrive abundantly!


  • What Binding contracts really are and how to identify them in your field so they stop hanging around
  • The Top 2 Secrets to keep contracts from recreating so you can be truly FREE forever
  • How to shift your Mindset around carrying Binding Contracts so you don’t feel ‘trapped’ by them
  • How to create a new contract while maintaining healthy boundaries and without manipulating the situation

But there is a way to decode the nature of karmic binds so you can be FREE. Free in like Forever Free…no longer need to be concerned with…Absolutely Free and Happy and FREE.

Burning your Binding Contracts includes:

  • Live workshop call
  • Downloadable MP3 of the workshop so you can use it whenever you need it!
  • PDF for Preparation and post-call Assimilation

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