Christel's Favorites

Heidi Sue

Heidi Sue is known as being “sparkly and light-hearted.” She has a playful effervescent approach to life. With her healing gift, Heidi Sue supports people in understanding that they are Loveable just as they are. People who have experienced her presence have often commented they feel more light-hearted. Her presence and healing techniques assists others in increasing the capacity of healing love showing up in their world. Using skills acquired as a Certified Intuitive Strategist and an Academy Master Teacher along with her ability to hold space is often the catalyst for increasing the capacity of healing love showing up in clients' everyday life all around the world.


Sara Cornell

Sara is an expert in identifying blockages in the body that create disharmony and disconnection from Highest Truth. As a Cosmic Soul Truth Activation Specialist, Sara is passionate about helping people heal and embody their Soul Truth. She’s known for her empathetic, warm-hearted approach.

Sara's committed to helping you on your healing journey by helping you dissolve blockages and disturbances in your body to activate Cosmic Soul Truth for increased internal harmony and connection.


Kari Kiazyk

Kari is a Heart Awakening Master with a special gift to connect with your heart, illuminating the core issue that is not in alignment with your highest good and dissolving the discordant energies so that you can awaken to your own magnificence.

Kari is passionate about utilizing energy to alchemize transformation towards brilliant, open-hearted living and radiating your Light of Truth.


Margo Fraser

Margo Fraser is a Nature Mystic and Cosmic Connector who is able to weave high vibration light messages into your Being. She unmasks and releases the energetic wounds, triggers and sabotaging beliefs, conscious and unconscious that can have you running ragged, feeling off track, depleted, and confused about your purpose. She channels the Celestial healing and revitalizing nature energies and essences in collaboration with Divine Beings. Margo is also a Certified Human Design Professional, Certified Intuitive Strategist and Master Teacher with Academy for the Soul. She is honoured to facilitate empowering results best described by one of her clients; “Words can’t describe the beauty I feel inside of me…such openness and the fear has gone away....I feel stronger, I feel carefree! I feel loved! And I love!”


Ana Maria Vasquez

Ana Maria has been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 20 years in various areas of personal transformation. As a natural multi-sensory Intuitive Energy Tracker, an interpreter of sorts, she lifts the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. She has a profound connection with nature & animals and specializes in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do. She is also a Certified Intuitive Strategist and serves on the faculty of the Academy for the Soul.

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Angie Higle

Angie Is an Intuitive Strategist that specializes in facilitating rapid shifts in thought patterns and limiting beliefs. She is known for inspiring that “ah ha” moment that changes your perception in an instant, shifting you from a low vibrational energy to a higher energy of love, peace and joy. Propelled by her love for self-growth, it is her mission to facilitate others in their journey and share her tools and resources so that they too can live an inspired and passionate life.
With over 12 years of training Angie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner in NLP, a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ through Advanced Neuro Dynamics and an Academy for the Soul, Intuitive Strategist graduate specializing in soul integrations of personas using the Integrative Soul Technology Process.

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Elise Harrington

Elise Harrington, P.E., is a scientific, multi-sensory intuitive, known for her “Transformational Magic”, specializing in Multi-dimensional Human Design and empowerment, fast-tracking transformation, and relationship energetics. Elise has developed new transformational and healing modalities, utilizing her extensive scientific and research background, multi-dimensional Human Design findings, and existing neuroscience and behavioral science healing techniques. Elise is an Academy Master Teacher, a Certified Intuitive Strategist, and a Certified Human Design Specialist.


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Sophie is passionate about finding and expressing the Divine within. Committed to offering breakthroughs, she cracks open the densest knots, clears away the heaviest emotional burdens, removes whole webs of karmic entanglements, and swipes out any stuckness leading to lightness, flow, and connection at high vibrational levels.
Sophie is known as the Emotional Expert for the Academy! She’s an Ambassador for the Academy for the Soul and Certified Intuitive Strategist, an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and she hosts the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.

Sophie Bidard

Amanda Hopkins

Amanda’s background and work experience in the medical field, and experience utilizing neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy provide a solid foundation upon which she can scan the physical body and corresponding energy fields to identify any energy deficiencies. She uses her intuition and draws upon the knowledge she gleaned through her Intuitive Strategist Certification training to identify steps that can support you in balancing your energy and restoring vitality where needed. She will guide you through energy shifts during the session and provide you with some actions you can take in your daily routine to support your physical well-being.

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Multi-sensory Clairvoyant Intuitive & Medium

Known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars” for my work with Celebrities, Emmy Award winners, World Champions and people just like you!

My specialty is creating very practical energy exercises to instantly shift your vibration, seminars that will rock your world…leaving you knowing your capacity and power to take charge of your life.

Christel Hughes