Multi-Sensory Master Intuitive 
here to shine a light on your most unique intuitive gifts.

Christel Hughes

Hello Beautiful, I'm

I could see them on all levels of their being as I could directly interact with their Higher Self. Their aura revealed itself to me - each body telling me something of what was needed to progress spiritually and their multi-dimensional templates of who they were meant to become in this lifetime.

Suddenly, I knew Everything about the person, what was going on in their life, their past life history, & their future potentials.

It’s been over 20 years since my Full Illumination experience, where all my intuitive gates opened, and suddenly, Boom! My clairvoyance opened to the fullest with my clairaudience to complete, across the board, my Holographic experience of a person’s energetic make-up — their unique constitution and way of flowing energy.

I'm a bit different than other intuitives...
I don't do things in a fluffy way

but I genuinely believe in the Science behind your intuition and understand that You need to know the ‘how’ behind what you do as an intuitive. You’re Uniquely you in the way you flow dynamic light as Truth through your unique container - that’s what dictates the type of intuitive you are… how specifically you’re to express your intuitive power and wield your Truth to benefit others.

A little more about me...

I’ve created a place for folks that are truly dedicated to identifying their Spiritual gifts and are ready to Shine their radiance in the World. Academy for the Soul is The online school for Intuitive Arts. We’ve drawn thousands of intuitives through Academy and supported them as individuals drawing out their unique way and bringing it to their attention while validating them and putting a name to what they do. We’ve been going strong for 15 years, and our Intuitives come out ready to be positioned as experts in the World. We also have International Summits, where we feature our experts to share and sell their programs that support our community.

Beautiful - one of a kind - hats, handspun pottery - love a good mug! Cashmere sweaters, soft cozy blankets and fun people, hehe!

Collector of

A little obsessed with eating organic healthy food - I can be a bit picky with this one…! Chocolate - really good dark chocolate! Happiest when I’m perched up high in my nest - nature surroundings - cozied up with my cacao mushroom drink and chatting with my Higher Self, lol! Lastly, a good design challenge always makes me excited…I love to decorate!

You should know...

Hand picked and placed flower arrangements, a sizzling wood-burning fireplace, Elevated spiritual rituals, the forest smells of pine & cedar, expansive spaces, the stars and Mother Ocean, Lola my Zen rescue dog

Forever inspired by

Exploring the beach or any  shoreline, in a good fantasy  novel, traveling to anywhere that  holds magic and has pristine nature, chanting mantras and  singing to the Moon

Where you can find me...

Multi-sensory Clairvoyant Intuitive & Medium

Known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars” for my work with Celebrities, Emmy Award winners, World Champions and people just like you!

My specialty is creating very practical energy exercises to instantly shift your vibration, seminars that will rock your world…leaving you knowing your capacity and power to take charge of your life.

Christel Hughes