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Empath Strategy

Advanced Life Skills for the One who feels…EverythingThe Enlightened Empath

The Enlightened Empath knows the distinctions contributing to a healthy life as an empath. In each area of life, they recognize their protective mechanisms and the common behavioral traits that cause them to react in a certain way. The Enlightened Empath is concerned about the quality of their relationships and sees them as an investment. Additionally, they strive for equanimity and harmony and recognize their part in keeping balance. Finally, they begin by learning how to keep a balanced state within themselves… acknowledging the personas, behavioral tendencies, and mismatches and understanding their core connected strength.

  • Learn a new ‘Freedom structure’ for communicating your needs.
  • Stop attracting people who need therapy and think of you as their personal healer, backing you into a corner to dump their stuff on you every chance they get.
  • Prevent external energy overwhelm, and manage your energy. ..set self-honoring boundaries.
  • Claim your own sense of identity. Embody confidence, open-hearted and loving nature.
  • Ditch empath guilt! Discover what is really expected of you in relationships.

The Enlightened Empath Collection includes:

  • The Empowered Empath program
  • Empaths in Relationships program
  • Aura Care & Repair kit

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