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Lighting up Your Boundaries

Relationship Strategy

Release Ancestral Baggage and Reclaim Your Space! Prevent attracting your mother or father as a partner in relationships. Let’s start lighting up your boundaries!

Be Free and powerfully claim YOUR space in the World! So you can give your offerings and create a life you LOVE.

  • Stop attracting the wrong people that trigger your emotional eating… energetic vampires, victims, and time wasters instead become a magnet for lighthearted, happy people.
  • Discover how to interpret emotions and thoughts as yours or someone else’s. You can reclaim your energetic space to create a life you love!
  • Drop a ton of outdated energy that didn’t belong to you in the first place… lightening your load.
  • Stop losing yourself in relationships. Discover what it takes to define healthy boundaries so you no longer take on others’ baggage.
  • Learn how to set a strong and healthy boundary for greater commitment to your personal self-love intentions and growth.
  • How to stop psychic attacks and intrusions from affecting you so that you can have more energy and vitality.
  • Get out of overwhelm and fatigue caused by distressed boundaries…so you get to choose what you will take into your body instead of unconsciously eating.
  • Start to feel safe and secure within yourself… building your level of personal Trust and Confidence.
  • Learn how to deflect negative projections that are heavy and discover how to lovingly reflect radiance and love.
  • Discover how to unhook from others controlling nature and influence and gain strength so you can shine your light.
  • Undo the Karmic bands that keep you following your parents’ unhealthy habits…it’s time to live Your life of Freedom on your terms…

Featuring: The Emotional Security System

  • 5 Week E-course
  • 5 Empowerment Sessions
  • 3 Intuitive Reading Sessions
  • Audio Series | Video Series | Course PDFs

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