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SoulMate Alchemy

Relationship Strategy

The Secrets to Letting Go of Past Flames, Overcoming Heartbreak, and Attracting Your Beloved SoulMate.

In this SoulMate Alchemy program, you’ll discover how to…

  • Release the Sexual Signatures that your Past Lovers have left behind so you can be Set Energetically Free!
  • Learn the Process that Releases the 4 Primary Emotions that bind you to the Past and that you Must Clear for you to Move On in Love.
  • Reclaim Your Self with this Powerful Extraction Process… for Permanent Removal of Anyone Invading Your Space.
  • Sever the Sexual Ties that keep you Attached to your Past Flames and Held Emotionally Captive by them.
  • Discover which Attractor Patterns you hold in your Field that are Causing you to Repeat unhealthy Choices in Relationship.
  • Set yourself Free from Binding Contracts and Outdated Agreements that stifle your efforts to End it Once and For All.
  • Forever Transmute unnecessary ‘baggage’ from all your past breakups so that you are Clean, Clear, and available to Your New Love!
  • Learn the Directive Statement that will forever free you from any Karmic Oppositions that kept you Locked into Unlucky Love Cycles.
  • Become an Empowering, Fresh Container for Welcoming in Love instead of repelling intimacy caused by stagnating energies.
  • Create New Possibility and Probability Lines for a Brand New Future… Get on the Golden Grid that supports you Manifesting Immediately with profound results.

This is your opportunity to take a chance on loving yourself and proving that all the things you may have made up about yourself and love or how others see you or don’t want you are all wrong. You create your reality… choose love.

SoulMate Alchemy includes:

  • Orientation Call:
  • 5 Workshop Sessions
  • PDF’s
  • 3 Intuitive Strategist Coaching Q & A Calls
  • Coaching Videos

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