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Taking Back Your Power E-Guide: Transform Your Life and Unleash Your Inner Potential

Unlock the secrets to a powerful and healthy life with the ‘Taking Back Your Power’ Comprehensive E-Guidebook. This transformative resource includes an E-Guidebook, 2 Audio Downloads, and an E-Power Pack. Discover how to identify and release the limiting beliefs, coping mechanisms, and past baggage that have held you back. Learn to live as your Higher Self, achieving clarity, happiness, and spontaneous joy. Say goodbye to victim consciousness and step into creator consciousness. Start your journey to personal empowerment and lasting success today.

Includes E-Guidebook, 2 Audio Downloads & E-Power Pack 

Are you ready to create a powerful and healthy life? A lifestyle that allows for greater Clarity, Happiness, and Spontaneous Joy? Healthy living is a living as your Higher Self (Soul Self), that is … being an expression of the power that lies within you.

  • Identify the “point of pain” that binds your personal power
  • Create a desired state of being (Happy) on demand
  • Reprogram your mind for Success
  • Release the past so that you can move forward into your future cleanly and freely
  • Identify and clear out the limiting beliefs that have you stuck in worn out patterns
  • Distinguish your unhealthy coping mechanisms that keep you stifled and stagnant
  • Move from Victim Consciousness to Creator Consciousness

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