Relationship Strategies

Burning your Binding Contracts

Releasing your energetic strings of attachment & entangled karma so you can Be Forever Free, Get a new Start in Life and abundantly Thrive



  • What Binding contracts really are and how to identify them in your field so they stop hanging around
  • The Top 2 Secrets to keep contracts from recreating so you can be truly FREE forever
  • How to shift your Mindset around carrying Binding Contracts so you don’t feel ‘trapped’ by them
  • How to create a new contract while maintaining healthy boundaries and without manipulating the situation

But there is a way to decode the nature of karmic binds so you can be FREE. Free in like Forever longer need to be concerned with...Absolutely Free and Happy and FREE.

Burning your Binding Contracts includes:

  • Burning your Binding Contracts live workshop call
  • Downloadable MP3 of workshop so you can use whenever you need it!
  • Burning your Binding Contracts PDF for Preparation and post call Assimilation

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SoulMate Alchemy

The Secrets to Letting Go of Past Flames, Overcoming Heartbreak and Attracting Your Beloved SoulMate

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In this program, you’ll discover how to…
  • Release the Sexual Signatures that your Past Lovers have left behind so you can be Set Energetically Free!
  • Learn the Process that Releases the 4 Primary Emotions that bind you to the Past and that you Must Clear for you to Move On in Love.
  • Reclaim Your Self with this Powerful Extraction Process… for Permanent Removal of Anyone Invading Your Space.
  • Sever the Sexual Ties that keep you Attached to your Past Flames and Held Emotionally Captive by them.
  • Discover which Attractor Patterns you hold in your Field that are Causing you to Repeat unhealthy Choices in Relationship.
  • Set yourself Free from Binding Contracts and Outdated Agreements that stifle your efforts to End it Once and For All.
  • Forever Transmute unnecessary ‘baggage’ from all your past breakups so that you are Clean, Clear and available to Your New Love!
  • Learn the Directive Statement that will forever free you from any Karmic Oppositions that kept you Locked into Unlucky Love Cycles.
  • Become an Empowering, Fresh Container for Welcoming in Love instead of repelling intimacy caused from stagnating energies.
  • Create New Possibility and Probability lines for a Brand New Future… Get on the Golden Grid that supports you Manifesting Immediately with profound results.

This is your opportunity to take a chance on loving yourself and proving that all the things you may have made up about yourself and love or how others see you or don’t want you are all wrong. You create your reality… choose love.

SoulMate Alchemy includes:

  • SoulMate Alchemy Orientation Call:
  • SoulMate Alchemy 5 Workshop Sessions
  • SoulMate Alchemy PDF’s
  • SoulMate Alchemy 3 Intuitive Strategist Coaching Q & A Calls
  • SoulMate Alchemy Coaching Videos

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Lighting Up Your Boundaries

How to Not take on the energy of others- So You can be Your true Self


Release your ancestral baggage- So that you are not attracting your mother or father as a partner in relationships

Be Free & Powerfully claim YOUR space in the World - So you can give your offerings and create a life you LOVE

  • Stop attracting the wrong people that trigger your emotional eating... energetic vampires, victims and time wasters instead become a magnet for lighthearted, happy people
  • Discover how to interpret emotions and thoughts as yours or someone else's so you can reclaim your energetic space for creating a life you love
  • Drop a ton of outdated energy that didn't belong to you in the first place... lightening your load
  • Stop losing your Self in relationship discover what it takes to define healthy boundaries so you no longer take on other's baggage
  • Learn how to set a strong and healthy boundary for greater commitment to your personal self love intentions and growth
  • How to stop psychic attack and intrusions from affecting you so that you can have more energy and vitality
  • Get out of overwhelm and fatigue caused by distressed boundaries…so you get to choose what you will take into your body instead of unconsciously eating
  • Start to feel safe and secure within yourself... building your level of personal Trust and Confidence
  • Learn how to deflect negative projections that are heavy and discover how to lovingly reflect radiance and love
  • Discover how to unhook from others controlling nature and influence gain strength so you can shine your light
  • Undo the Karmic bands that keep you following in your parents unhealthy habits…it's time to live Your life of Freedom on your terms…

Featuring: The Emotional Security System

  • 5 Week E-course
  • 5 Empowerment Sessions
  • 3 Intuitive Reading Sessions
  • Audio Series | Video Series | Course PDFs

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Infinite Intimacy

Create Soul Communion, Divine Love, Passion & Prosperity


There are many valid reasons for not being open and vulnerable. The old relationship history books of your mind may not allow you to write a new history as they are informing you with how to be, act and project.

But we know that there are ways to rewrite the history of your relatedness with others… you do realize that, don't you?

Within your power lies the potential for creating a whole new dynamic of interaction with others. Within your power lies the potential of experiencing a whole new dynamic of interact ion with your Self.

The Art of Creating...

Infinite Intimacy

Creating Soul Communion, Divine Love, Passion & Prosperity

  • Understand how to get back on track in those moments that you sense you are closed up and disengaged
  • Learn how to know when to trust and when to fully open your heart.
  • Release fear of getting hurt... so you can become more honest and expressive with your feelings
  • Let go of the fears around rejection & unworthiness, so you can be Free to be You receive Love
  • Be able to find the answers within yourself... connect with your Higher Self and get the guidance you need

Here is what you get in the Art of Creating Infinite Intimacy

  • 3 Empowerment Coaching Session MP3s
  • 3 Intuitive Reading/Scanning Session MP3s
  • 3 Soul Activation Audios
  • 3 Intimacy PDF's
  • Private Membership site access 24/7

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Be Love to Find Love


Inside this downloadable E-Book, you’ll learn…
  • How to Be the Love and Inspiration he wants to come home to.
  • The 5 biggest mistakes most women make that drain the energy right out of a relationship.
  • How to stop feeling out of control and needy and start creating the love you desire.
  • How to live in radiant confidence rather than emotional neediness.
  • How to be the offering of love as a gift in moments of resistance and closure.
  • What it takes to release the blame, shame and emotional baggage of your past relationships.
  • How to be yourself and still be loved by a man – I’ll show you how to find the courage to be imperfect and be loved in spite of it.
  • How to remove the “layers” that keep a man from knowing and loving you.
  • How to determine if you have a “caged heart” – and how to let that defense weapon down and allow a man to love you.
  • How not to let your past hurts sabotage your chance of having successful relationships.
  • Discover if you are “wired” for a fulfilling relationship or a never ending string of failures.
I know these secrets will work for you because they worked for me…


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Taking Back Your Power Picture

Includes E-Guidebook, 2 Audio Downloads & E-Power Pack Are you ready to create a powerful and healthy life? A lifestyle that allows for greater Clarity, Happiness, and Spontaneous Joy?Healthy living is a living as your Higher Self (Soul Self), that is … being an expression of the power that lies within you.
  • Identify the "point of pain" that binds your personal power
  • Create a desired state of being (Happy) on demand
  • Reprogram your mind for Success
  • Release the past so that you can move forward into your future cleanly and freely
  • Identify and clear out the limiting beliefs that have you stuck in worn out patterns
  • Distinguish your unhealthy coping mechanisms that keep you stifled and stagnant
  • Move from Victim Consciousness to Creator Consciousness

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10 Laws of Love E-Guidebook Picture

Including 10 Audio downloads. This E-Guidebook will show you what actions are needed to create your life as a Love Sanctuary. I reveal 10 Effective Principles necessary to attract and keep the man or relationship that you want. Also, you'll receive 10 Guided Journeys for retraining your mind and living these principles of love. These will also assist you in shifting your deep subconscious patterns that are:
  • causing you to stay stuck in your old habits
  • having you attract the same old partners
  • having you hold onto regret with your prior choices in men

I’ve packed this E-Guidebook with over 20 exercises for practical application in life. Also, you’ll receive 10 Downloadable Guided Journeys for retraining your mind and living these principles of Love. You can listen to them over and over again to shift any of your deep subconscious patterns and beliefs.

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Beautification From the Inside Out

This program was created to assist you in shifting your perceptions of yourself to match the True Essence inside. By using Therapeutic Imagery, you will be able to make rapid shifts in the Subconscious Mind. That deep transformation will lead you to lasting results on the outside.
Once you enter the secret garden, You choose how to shape your thoughts of reality. As Clarity abounds from within, you'll discover the truth about you, that You are pure Beauty. Self-Love is the energy needed to attract all that you are desiring for yourself, whether that is a great body, a nourishing relationship or more prosperity. Beautification From the Inside Out was created to assist you in shifting your perceptions of yourself to match the true essence inside. Therapeutic Imagery is known to be an effective short term modality attaining maximum results because it allows you to tap into the area of the mind that is most often in control and to change your beliefs so that they are in alignment with your goals, dreams and wishes. This contributes greatly to moving you forward on your path towards fulfilling your purpose, which is beautification from the inside out. y using therapeutic imagery, you will be able to make rapid shifts in the subconscious mind which will ultimately lead to lasting results on the outside.


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