New to Energy?


If you have made it to my site, chances are you are feeling a deeper connection with the energy in and around you. I believe that these foundational energy principles and processes should be made available to those who are being called by the Divine. I’m making all the below programs available as a ‘Pay What You Want’ special. Pay whatever you feel is a fair Energy Exchange for the program, and the material is all yours!

I love energy and I love what it’s done for my life… in fact it now has become my life. Teaching simple, quality processes for shifting your energy is what I do and it’s my Divine mission.

This world of energy is so Amazing in that it supports all areas of your life and you can use it to create very practical results in Health, Finances, and Relationships. Energy work can support you in removing blocks to your Purpose Work (your gifts as an offering to the World) opening up your Intuition and awakening to your True Self.

So where do you begin? How do you get started in this World of Energy?

Because this lifestyle may be new to you and you want to get up to speed fast, I’ve created a simple path for you to follow… now this is just a suggestion, but it will give you a guide to incorporating these concepts into your everyday life.

Emotional Security SystemESS-web-banner

A wonderful foundational program is my Emotional Security System.

Bring Harmony to your personal energetic home…your Aura by Reclaiming your Lost Energy, Creating Emotional Stability, Wholeness & Healthy Boundaries.

5 Steps to increased Awareness, Vitality & Peace

Set Healthy Boundaries, be a Presence in the World, take up your rightful space in the World, in your relationships, in your job, in your friendships and in your capacity to receive Divine Grace.

  • Learn the 5 steps to creating a Stable Emotional Security System and STOP taking on others “stuff”.
  • Discover how to create healthy psychic and physical boundaries and hold them when in turmoil, under stress or influence of others.
  • Set yourself free from past karmic ties, so you can claim your personal place in the World and live with Passion and on Purpose.
  • Powerfully claim a sacred space within, without shutting down or shutting others out.
  • Create a fulfilling life of positivity, even with all the turmoil that is going on in the World.

The Emotional Security System supports you on your path of reclaiming vital life force energy and enlivening your reality so that you are capable of manifesting and living with Health, Harmony and Happiness.

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Energetic Management Systemtop-banner-ems-s

Also take a look at the Energetic Management System.

This is my no frills or fluff, to the point, condensed “how-to” energy process. Everything you need to balance yourself quickly and easily. It has all you need to Master your Energy and Master your Emotional State.

  • Stop unnecessary moments of overwhelm by learning how to stabilize your system daily.
  • Learn how to gain inner vision to access the portals of your energetic system and open to receive.
  • Take charge of your emotional state and learn how to release the anxiety, confusion and frustration that blocks your Peace performance.
  • Start to live life your way by clarifying and choosing your emotional status at any given moment.
  • Discover your inner projector and and start playing empowering movies on your mind screen.

Learn the processes that I teach my high profile executives and celebrities. These are the ‘tricks of the trade’ that I use as a Spiritual Trainer.

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The Empowered EmpathTEEBannerMain

Basic Life Skills for the One who feels…Everything

You may be reading this and not quite sure if you are an empath…hopefully that’s not because you’ve shut down your gifts when you were young from feeling too much. Many empaths go through so much pain (due to others in their environment not knowing how to control their emotions or set healthy boundaries) so they get the bright idea to just shut themselves down, become numb or hide out, which doesn’t really work. That survival tactic only suppresses their sense of self and emotions and they wind up ill or depressed when instead, they could be self-confident, radiant, insightful and valued for their gifts.

In The Empowered Empath you will Discover:

  • A process to easily distinguishing if an energy belongs to you or to another and how to handle it like a master
  • How to STOP being assaulted, drained and sucked dry by other’s energies, so you can claim your vitality and life
  • Key secrets to keep from losing yourself and letting go of your needs in the presence of others, despite feeling their wants so strongly that they seem to outweigh your own

To ensure all Empaths have access to their crucial and life-changing information, I am making this program available as a ‘Pay What You Want’ special. That’s right, pay whatever you feel is a fair energy exchange for the program, and it’s all yours!

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Your Radiant Chakras

Your-Radiant-Chakras-Product-imageGaining Awareness of the Chakra System for Increased Vitality & Energy Flow

This is not just another one of those “Learn about your seven chakras courses”

Rather, it is:

  • An experience between you and your vital life force centers of influence, so you really get to know yourself and what your mission is in life
  • The translation of a language inspired by symbology… so you can access your subconscious blueprint and make real changes in your behavioral patterns
  • Experiential Energy Labs where you work to clear, release and shift your current energetic set point.

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Your Radiant Bodies

Your_Radiant_Bodies_Product imgUnderstanding your Energetic Anatomy for Increased Health & Harmony

We are dynamic, energetic beings… We are more than a physical body with a brain. We are created in the image of Greatness, Power and Wisdom and have tremendous abilities to support our own healing of our body, increasing our mental and emotional capabilities for well-being, Peace and connection. That’s what we all really want.

  • Discover how to clear a pattern out of your mental body and get to clarity with your decisions
  • Learn the easy way to release emotions that have been stagnant in your aura for years
  • Start to regain your sense of power over your environment so you aren’t so sensitive
  • Access the Angelic realm and begin to feel confident working with your natural Guardians
  • Clear potential illness or disease before it is created in your physical body
  • Take charge of your energy, stay grounded and keep your energy in one place so you are no longer scattered and overwhelmed

Using your newly discovered ability to shift, transmute and alchemize energy will give you a sense of trust and confidence within. You will begin to live from a sense of knowing that at any moment, faced with any situation or circumstance, you have the capacity to make a change instantly.

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