Jupiter Transits into Virgo – By Anandashree Astrology

Blog post by Anandashree Astrology.

The big bright planet of infinite possibility and ever-expansive potential is about to change residence. Jupiter is the ancient keeper of wisdom and the subtle power of faith and endurance that keeps us going through life’s challenges. In Vedic Astrology Jupiter is called Guru – or teacher – and is seen as the protective guide throughout our soul’s journey.

Jupiter teaches high spiritual ideals and is inclusive of all beings in his optimistic and ever expanding vision. Jupiter’s blessings feel like the serendipity of having the universe on your side – he is the angel of luck and abundance!

The next 13 months will open a portal to the practical materialization of our dreams.

On August 11 the positive vibrations will shift focus and enter a new sign. Jupiter will leave sidereal Leo and enter sidereal* Virgo. (*Vedic Astrology uses a fixed star system that is called the sidereal zodiac.)

Virgo the Virgin (Kanya in Vedic Astrology) is an earthy and practical sign, and promises to distill the expansive intentions of our dreams into real material success. Jupiter’s transit into Virgo will inspires us to reconnect with our bodies, minds and spirits in a healthy new way. Here Jupiter will motivate us to take care of details and loose ends, and motivate us to organize our environments and improve our lifestyles.

The effects on our body

Jupiter, the great teacher and guide, has a special power in Virgo to motivate us to take actions to improve our health.

This is a year for making lasting changes in how we eat, drink, work, sleep, and exercise. New commitments to healthier diet and lifestyle choices will have great impact and this is an excellent time to integrate new organic vegetables into our diet and herbal supplements. Overcoming any kind of addiction will be greatly supported now and those undergoing medical treatments will heal faster.

Jupiter’s grace empowers us to keep positive commitments toward improving our health. Here are some questions to reflect on as Jupiter moves into Virgo.

— How is your diet? Do you feel you could digest and assimilate your food better? Are there foods that don’t agree with you? Do you take any supplements?

— Do you feel that get enough sleep at night? Do you feel rested when you wake up? How regular is your sleep routine?

— Do you have a regular exercise routine? What would be your vision of the perfect amount of exercise? In what ways would you like to be stronger and/or more flexible?

— Do you take time to listen to your body and the messages it sends to you? When you are tired, thirsty, or stressed what do you do to cope?

About Anandashree Astrology (Kari Field)
Kari Field (Anandashree Astrology) is a San Francisco based astrologer, as well as a yoga teacher and musician. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and many years of research in the fields of Vedic Astrology and Classical Indian music.

Kari began reading the Tarot in her childhood and has studied and practiced astrology since 1990. She has traveled across four continents researching divination practices and indigenous music.

Kari’s practice is greatly influenced by almost 10 years of study under renowned Vedic Astrologers such as Sanjay Rath and Hart deFouw. She returns regularly to India to continue her research and to serve her spiritual teacher, Mata Amritananda Mayi Ma in Kerala.

Kari upholds that Vedic Astrology is more than just a predictive tool. It is a method of uplifting the mind, which offers extraordinary understanding of karmic patterns and cycles in life. Her consultations integrate creative and practical remedial methods, restoring balance and empowering the individual to live a healthy life.

She is available for personal consultations via phone and Skype.
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