Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Intuition programs

Awaken to Your Higher Self

Discovering the Mystery that is You...

higher-self-cdTo be the greatest offering energetically, you want to know how you uniquely flow energy and channel light into the world.This is your Purpose work and when you tap into the brilliance of that, your life becomes easier and you attract all that you need on a practical level for fulfillment.

Light is information and awareness… Light is the Clarity that you need to create and focus your energy. You cannot properly create if you don’t have clarity or a clear and specific direction to flow your energy into or towards.

Awaken to your Higher Self will support you in understanding which purpose work energies are moving into your energy field, your reality, and experience (nudges from your Soul) so that you can embrace and anybody the True you!

  • The secrets to Intuition that no one is talking about
  • The energetic template of your Intuitive abilities
  • How you are energetically ‘wired’ for flowing energy
  • How to apply your intuitive gifts in the practical world without losing heart
  • And whether you have what it takes to make a living as a high level intuitive

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Wisdom Path Ascension

What is Your true Wisdom Way to Health, Love, Freedom & Prosperity?

WPAspecialoffer_Software-Boxes_New-mix-for-Christel_WPA2Your Wise One (your Higher Self) will show you, tell you, support you and Illuminate your Wisdom Path for you. Your Wise One knows where it is you are meant to be... And will work with your ascended “team” to organize your Future Lifeline and have you play your purpose out to completion. We must move beyond ego restraint, let go of control and flow into the Soul Awakening Process...

What is the process of Awakening?

How are you moving along your Spiritual Path?

How are you moving into becoming your Supreme Being Self?

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Reversing the Energetic Effects of Aging

How to undo the energetic damage that has been done to your systems and restore your Vitality, Strength and Radiance

REEA4-e1423673141803I've found a system that works to Reverse the Energetic Effects of Aging. As a Multi-Sensory Intuitive and Energetic Therapist who has worked with thousands of clients over the years, I have seen, heard and felt a lot! Over time, I've identified many of the aspects that can turn back the clock on aging your energetic and physical bodies.

First you need to understand a few things about the energetic influences that cause aging (even if you are really young) and how you may, unknowingly, be the primary force harming yourself.

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Virtual Vision Quest

Into the Sacred Mystery

higher-self-cdWe invite you to join Christel Hughes, Multi-sensory Intuitive & co-host Ana Maria Vasquez, Master Animal & Nature Intuitive for a Virtual Vision Quest.

What is it? Vision Questing is an ancient tool for spiritual growth, a means to heal the past from wounding, to access and ground your authentic Divine Self, to mobilize energy, experience your Divine Wisdom Vision, answer life path questions and get connected back with nature. At a deeper dive, a Vision Quest is the Soul's ritualistic way to bridge the chasm between your Explainable, known world and your magical, Inexplicable world of the unseen. Bridging the unknown and known with one-foot in each world to feel into the “in-between.” It is there you'll soon find your authentic Self.

You’ll be taken on guided journeys to meet your power animal medicine, to synch up with crystal medicine and reconnect with your celestials. You’ll reclaim the deep soul resonance that’s hidden far within your being, to open the inner library of ancient wisdom and medicine etched inside your heart. This is the time to acknowledge Self, your Divine Vision and live your purpose.

Step into the Mystery that's beyond the veil... Mother Nature is the ultimate example of ONEness in action, enticing us to step into our Essence and Live from un-fractured Wholeness. Feel into the Pulse of the Earth and let the veil fall away...

It is a coming back Home to you, it is embracing of the ONEness, the natural flow of nature. It is climbing back into the nurturing arms and into the rebirthing womb of the great Mother Earth.

  • Overcome emotions that are not serving you or others
  • Stop seeking outside yourself, quest to know what’s divine within, allow everything else to fall away
  • Move into the ONEness by embracing everything, reject nothing, be all encompassing
  • Seeking and obtaining Self-knowledge, Acceptance and Clarity
  • Step into the mystery beyond the veil, step into your essence and live from an un-fractured wholeness
  • Feel the pulse of Mother Earth and allow the veil to fall away
  • Shatter the dependency you have on old Identity
  • It takes courage to go within and embrace the truth, dare to be brave, nothing leads to greater satisfaction


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Timeline Therapy

pdf-cd-graphicWhat if the only thing between you and a Beloved relationship, a healthy body or true abundance and wealth was some old stagnant emotional energy and scar tissue?

  • Let go of the 4 Primary Emotions that live in your Past and take up space in your life… Right now, where there is limitation, there could be Love and Intimacy. Where you have limiting beliefs, there can be a wealth of abundance, vitality and a body that supports you.

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Pineal Gland Decalcification

  • It’s time for you to open your gifts. The Pineal gland is directly related to your evolution and needs to be functioning without energetic calcification in order to operate properly. Decalcify your Pineal gland and heighten your “inner sight” perception, bringing greater health and vitality to your body and aura.

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