Empath Strategies

The Empowered Empath

Basic Life Skills for the One who feels…Everything


You may be reading this and not quite sure if you are an empath…hopefully that’s not because you’ve shut down your gifts when you were young from feeling too much. Many empaths go through so much pain (due to others in their environment not knowing how to control their emotions or set healthy boundaries) so they get the bright idea to just shut themselves down, become numb or hide out, which doesn’t really work. That survival tactic only suppresses their sense of self and emotions and they wind up ill or depressed when instead, they could be self-confident, radiant, insightful and valued for their gifts.

In The Empowered Empath you will Discover:

  • A process to easily distinguishing if an energy belongs to you or to another and how to handle it like a master
  • How to STOP being assaulted, drained and sucked dry by other’s energies, so you can claim your vitality and life
  • Key secrets to keep from losing yourself and letting go of your needs in the presence of others, despite feeling their wants so strongly that they seem to outweigh your own

To ensure all Empaths have access to their crucial and life-changing information, I am making this program available as a ‘Pay What You Want’ special. That’s right, pay whatever you feel is a fair energy exchange for the program, and it’s all yours!

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The Enlightened Empath Collection

Advanced Life Skills for the One who feels…Everything


The Enlightened Empath knows the distinctions that contribute to a healthy life as an empath. In each area of life, they recognize their protective mechanisms, their common behavioral traits that cause them to react in a certain way. The Enlightened Empath is concerned about the quality of their relationships and sees them as an investment. They strive for equanimity and harmony and they recognize their part to play in keeping balance. They begin by learning how to keep a balanced state within themselves... acknowledging the personas, behavioral tendencies, mismatches and understanding their core connected strength.

  • Learn a new ‘Freedom structure’ for communicating your needs.
  • Stop attracting people who need therapy and think of you as their personal healer, backing you into a corner to dump their stuff on you every chance they get.
  • Discover how to manage your energy so that you don’t get completely consumed by the energy of the other person...set self-honoring boundaries.
  • Claim your own sense of identity with confidence while still being open-hearted and loving.
  • Get out of empath guilt and discover what is really expected of you in relationships.

The Enlightened Empath Collection includes:

  • The Empowered Empath program
  • Empaths in Relationships program
  • Aura Care & Repair kit

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