The Wisdom of Wood. Fun and Easy Ways to Stay Joyful this Spring

New beginnings, expansion, moving from darkness to light. Do you feel the change upon us? We are well into the season of Spring in the North.  A time of transition.  “In like a lion” and “out like a lamb”. For many of us on Earth it can feel a bit peculiar.  We may find ourselves trying to tame our lion … Read More

The Unassuming Shamrock – A Powerful Symbol in History and Around World

Those adorable green leaves and puffy flowers, attracting both people and insects alike. All around the world, and especially in Ireland, the land of Eire, emerald green fields of clover blanket the rolling hills. Easy on the eyes, and a symbol of vitality, abundance, and life itself, the clover is prolific and extremely useful. The lucky shamrock, seamrog, “summer plant”. … Read More

Clear Your Root Chakra and Change Your Life – by Helaine Harris


Thirty-five years ago, I was a scattered, powerless woman in a very abusive relationship. My shaman encouraged me to connect with the root chakra at the base of my spine to center myself and find the quiet inside. It worked! I started with the root chakra and then cleared all the other chakras. By clearing and balancing my chakras as … Read More

Jupiter Transits into Virgo – By Anandashree Astrology

Blog post by Anandashree Astrology.The big bright planet of infinite possibility and ever-expansive potential is about to change residence. Jupiter is the ancient keeper of wisdom and the subtle power of faith and endurance that keeps us going through life’s challenges. In Vedic Astrology Jupiter is called Gu..Read More