The Unassuming Shamrock – A Powerful Symbol in History and Around World


Do you also feel a sense of enchantment when you happen upon a charming
patch of clover?

Those adorable green leaves and puffy flowers, attracting both people and insects alike. All around the world, and especially in Ireland, the land of Eire, emerald green fields of clover blanket the rolling hills. Easy on the eyes, and a symbol of vitality, abundance, and life itself, the clover is prolific and extremely useful.

The lucky shamrock, seamrog, “summer plant”. Small and diminutive in stature yet larger than life in meaning. This clover, with its three charming leaves has long been revered for its association with prosperity, health, luck, and the enigmatic triad.

For the Druids, the triad held many truths and understandings about the nature of existence and human experience. Simple and often profound wisdoms were widely shared in threes. These wisdoms spoke of the virtues of body, mind, and spirit, and the divisions of land, sky, and sea.

The triquetra, also known as the trinity knot, triskelion, and triple spiral all demonstrate this esteem for things in threes. And because of its power of three, the shamrock was used by ancient Celts as a talisman to provide protection, later becoming a well-known symbol of good luck. Lucky due to its abundance in nature, especially in times of yore, providing sustenance for livestock and healing properties for those in need.

With its prolific growth, and requiring very little to no help from man, the clover is thriving and nurturing, and may be why it is associated with a carefree life of ease and prosperity. To be “in clover” sounds like a pretty nice state of being.

St. Patrick, a fifth century missionary and bishop turned saint, and yes, the one often celebrated with copious libations and slathering’s of green, used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity, Father – Son – Holy Spirit, to those to which he was introducing Christianity. This was an effective metaphor that profoundly spoke to the people of that time, and continues to represent a religious culture around the world to this day.

This small yet mighty legume, with its appealing flowers, sweet soothing smell, and vividly green presence is a natural balance of creativity and dependability. A perfect expression of the 21 universal date on which St. Patrick will be celebrated this year, March 17, 2017. The twenty one is comprised of the vibrations of both 2 and 1 and resonates with creativity and success, as well as reliability, cooperation, and making things happen. Also of interest is that 21 reduces to the number 3, the trinity! A very interesting synchronicity, not uncommon in the world of symbolism.

And what of those 4 leaf clovers? The ones that represent the luckiest of good luck? Each of the leaves holds a representation: respect, wealth, love, and health. This rare beauty is a 1 in 10,000 find. A treasure so truly precious it is said that Eve chose to bring one with her from the Garden of Eden when she left. A four leaf clover to remind her of that paradise, and quite possibly the discipline and work that surely lay ahead.

What a fascinating identification with a seemingly mundane aspect of nature. Human experience illustrated through symbols. Given meaning by the Collective. Humanity in search of truth and purpose in life, and beyond…

So, farewell to you, and best wishes for luck, health, prosperity, and a life rightly deep “in clover”.

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